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   Fishing Tournament

Whetstone Bay Walleye Tournament

The 2nd Annual Tourney was a great success!

1st Place: Baker

2nd Place: Sanne

3rd Place: Kevin Bailey

4th Place: Jason Bartling

Big Fish Saturday: Baker

Big Fish Sunday: Kevin Bailey

Tackle & Equipment:

Artificial and Live Bait will be allowed. Live bait from unlicensed retailers is not permitted. Four poles allowed per 2 Man Team, Six per 3 Man Team. All South Dakota Fishing Laws must be followed.

Fishing Areas:

All boats must leave the launch area of Whetstone Bay and must not be trailered to any other location; otherwise there is no boundary.

Fishing Hours:

Saturday 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Weigh In & Sunday 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Weigh In (must be in line by these times)

Number of Teams:

Up to 99 Teams or 199 People


2 Man Team or 3 Man Team Only


Seven fish will be weighed in. Prizes will be based on Most Weight, in pounds & ounces. Only two fish over 20” are allowed. You can have up to the legal limit of fish in your boat (Eight for a 2 Man Team, Twelve for a 3 Man Team).

*Whether you catch fish or not you Need to Check In at the Weigh Station. This is for everyone’s safety, to be sure you are not stranded on the river.


All entrants are responsible for their own meals and reservations. Patrol boats will be in the area each day. State Park Entrance License required for all vehicles. This is a not-for-profit Tournament, all money less expenses will be paid back.

2 Man Team          $150

3 Man Team          $200

Late Entry Fee       $225

You must be registered by Wednesday, May 21!

Please make Checks to:

     Whetstone Bay Fishing Tournament

Send payment to:

     Cuzn’s Corner

     PO Box 407

     Bonesteel, SD  57317

Please call with any questions!

     Cory or Amy: 605-654-2612

     Rick: 712-395-0311

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